Ieee Mb White

Associate Technical Program Chairs

Measurement for the Energy and Power Industry & Measurement or Renewable Energy Systems

Eduardo Fiorucci
Grzegorz Fusiek

Optical and Fibre Optic Measurement Systems, Sensors and Transducers, Measurement for Communications and IoT, Measurement for Physical and Electromagnetic Quantities & Measurement for Chemical and Biological Quantities

Tuan Guo
Bruno Ando

Measurement for Industry 4.0, Measurement for Advanced Manufacturing & Measurement for the Automotive and Transportation Industry

Georg Brasseur
Marco Mugnaini
Serge Demidenko

Measurement in Environmental Monitoring & Measurement in Agriculture, Food Production and Food Safety

Gourab Sen Gupta
Sabrina Grassini

Image Processing for Measurement

Chi Hung Hwang
Jacob Scharcanski

Signal Processing for Measurement

Luca De Vito
Antonio Moschitta

Measurement Systems for Robotics

Ruqiang Yan
Valner Brusamarello

Measurement for Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation

Tayeb Al Qaseer
Wuliang Yin

Micro- and Nanotechnology for Instrumentation and Measurement, Real – time Measurement Systems & Circuits and Embedded Systems for Measurement

Salvatore Graziani
Zheng Liu

Big Data in Metrology

Dario Petri
Bruce Stephen

Measurement for the Oil and Gas Industry

Marcelo Werneck
Alessandra Flammini
Mike Gard

Advances in Measurement Theory and Metrology

Marco Parvis
Leopoldo Angrisani

Data Acquisition Systems

Pasquale Daponte
Federico Tramarin

Measurement in Medical, Biomedical and Healthcare Systems

Octavian Postolache
Rajarshi Gupta

Measurement in Aerospace and Space Systems

Liu Datong
Shiraz Sohail

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